30 juin 2006

[Appel à Communications]Small group meeting on social stigma and social disadvantage - 21 and 22 June 2007, Oudpoelgeest Castle, Leiden, The Netherla

Small group meeting on social stigma and social disadvantage - 21 and 22
June 2007, Oudpoelgeest Castle, Leiden, The Netherlands

Cette réunion se concentrera sur des développements récents dans l'étude du stigmate social et son inconvénient social, ainsi que l'espoir de rassembler des chercheurs de l'Europe aussi bien que les chercheurs non-européens. En adoptant la perspective du stigmatisé, la réunion vise à partager les connaissances actualisées sur la façon dont l'inconvénient social est perçu et éprouvé. En outre, les recherches présentées lors de cette réunion examineront les stratégies disponibles aux stigmatisés pour résoudre les inconvénients sociaux, leurs utilisations et succès relatifs.

This meeting will focus on recent developments in the examination of social stigma and social disadvantage and hopes to bring together researchers from Europe as well as non-European researchers. Taking the perspective of the stigmatized, the meeting aims at sharing updated knowledge of how social disadvantage is perceived and experienced. In addition, the research discussed in this meeting will examine the strategies available to the stigmatized to deal with social disadvantage, their use and relative success, and the ways in which the stigmatized may unwittingly promote their own disadvantage.

The program will include around 16 presentations of high profile work in this area. The program will provide ample opportunity for structured discussion and debate to establish a common perspective on the current state of the art, and outline directions for future research and theoretical development.

Call for papers
Applications are invited for presentations in this meeting. We encourage both European as well as non-European researchers to apply. Senior and junior researchers, as well as Ph.D. students are all encouraged to apply.
Please submit an abstract (max. 300 words) with contact details before November 15 to Manuela Barreto at barreto@fsw.leidenuniv.nl

Applicants who wish to participate in this meeting but do not wish to deliver a presentation are requested to send a short letter in which they describe their main research topic and expertise.

Practical details of the meeting:
The meeting will be held at the Oud-Poelgeest Castle, a beautiful seventeenth century estate, with easy access from the airport and by train.
Besides the conference venue, bar, terrace, sauna, pool and tennis field, the estate comprises a 25 acre park and four-star hotel accommodation.
Information about this venue may be obtained at www.oudpoelgeest.nl

The conference will have no fees. Participants will only have to pay their own accommodation and travel costs. Due to funding obtained from the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology, as well as from Leiden University, we are able to contribute towards participants' accommodation costs (precise amounts to be detailed at a later stage).

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